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Entrepreneurship - Work on Your BusinessOwning your own business can be both exciting and exhausting, especially when you first start out. While your business is in its infancy, there is no denying that much of the work and labor fall to you – you have to generate an income in order to hire employees. However, once you have established your business, the key to true growth is letting go. You have to learn to follow the steps needed that will allow you to work on growing your business, rather than working in it. After all, you probably became a business owner to lessen the amount of work required each day, not increase it. The following steps will help you better understand how to ensure that you are leading your business, rather than being another employee.

Understand Your Wants

The first step in the process is to decide if you truly want to continue wearing all of the hats in your company. If you love the added stress, lack of family time, and general exhaustion that comes with this, then stop reading – you are already doing what you love. However, if you want to create a business that does not need you there every single minute of the day, keep reading. Just be aware that many of these steps will require you to move outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals.

Team Building/Understand Your Limits

The number one requirement of any successful business is a team that can make it happen. No one person is the best at every aspect of running a business, regardless of how much he or she may think so. Unless you have spent the last 24 years earning degrees in business management, human resources, accounting, manufacturing/distribution, marketing (whether it’s traditional or online/search engine marketing), advertising, web development, design, and labor, you are not the best person for every one of those jobs within your organization. A team consists of more than one, and it is up to you to be choosy on how you build it.

The best place to start is often with a human resources person – this will be the team member that ensures that only the best people for the other jobs are hired, which means you won’t have to oversee every aspect of daily operations. When you build a talented team that you can trust, you are providing your business with the basic tools it needs to grow.

Develop Systems and Standards

A business that has a strong foundation of operating systems and company-wide standards has a strong base from which to grow. Proper training systems, and daily operational systems are key aspects of creating a business that you can oversee. Once you have systems in place, develop standards by which your team attacks every aspect of business. This will ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them, and the best ways of dealing with daily operations.

When you follow these steps, you will allow yourself to work on your business, while your team works in it to make it grow larger than you ever imagined.